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Below are a few of the kind words some of my clients have said.


"After having major heart surgery in 2009 I developed peripheral arterial disease in my legs, which resulted in Stent Implants and then an arterial bypass. After the surgery I suffered from mobility problems and intense pain, I then met Hayden who through the therapy he administered has helped me regain not only my mobility, but also my independence. I cannot thank him enough."

Terry D.


"A lifetime of competitive sport had left me with various niggles and injuries that I had 'played through' too often for my own good. The most debilitating of these was a long-term Achilles pull that was now impacting both the enjoyment of my sport and any possible future achievement. Hayden was quickly able to analyse the issue, diagnose the necessary actions and administer a course of intense massage that has left me fully able to compete pain-free again. Most importantly though Hayden has also given me a concise set of stretching and warm-up exercises that should allow my continued involvement for many years to come."

Carl B.


"I have been attending sports massage sessions with Hayden for about a month. My present hobbies include swimming, long distance running (half marathons to ultra's), tennis and squash. Squash is more a competitive hobby than simply a hobby and therefore, it requires that I am in good shape. Over the past few months I have been plagued with muscle spasms and tightness located in my lower back and hamstrings respectively. This has been attributed to several knots in the muscles of the back and a shortness in my hamstrings. This has affected my mobility and agility both of which are critical to successful squash. Hayden has been targeting these areas during my sessions. The treatments are highly focussed and target the root cause of the problem rather than simply addressing the symptoms. Through the deep muscle massaging and manipulation I have found a significant improvement in my flexibility as well as a huge reduction in the severity of the spasms (and the associated pain) as a direct result of these treatments. I plan to incorporate these treatments on a weekly basis because of the direct benefits that I have experienced."

Richard B.

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