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Motion for Life is dedicated to keeping you on the go.


Whether you're a Sunday morning jogger with a sore Achilles, a golfer suffering from the effects of a dodgy swing, an aspiring olympian looking for that elusive personal best or a desk-rooted office worker with back and neck problems, I'm sure that I will be able to help you get back on your feet and on the right track.


And I promise I'll do it in as simple and uncomplicated manner as possible, always remembering that prevention is better than cure.

Sports & Remedial Therapy

& Pilates

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Hayden Roger-Lund

Sports & Remedial Therapist and Pilates Instructor


Regular Sports Massage can speed recovery and relieve secondary pain or tensing of healthy muscles around any injury.  


Sports Massage will make you more aware of the stresses and strains in different areas of your body that need attention.


What I Treat
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£50 for 1-hour treatment

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